OTN Ep #001: ASSASN-18fv and the Discovery of Millisecond Pulsations from a Neutron Star Low Mass X-ray Binary

From neutron stars, to black holes, to tidal disruption events, to gravitational wave sources, to neutrinos, to cosmic rays: Out There Now shares the latest, most eye-catching research results with you.

In this episode, we share three new results on the outburst of the newly discovered transient ASSASN-18fv; plus, the X-ray observatory NICER discovers millisecond pulsations from the neutron star IGR J17379-3747.

After the show, we invite you to examine the results even further at our website, and join the discussion online at Twitter using #OutThereNow.

In this podcast:

  • ATel #11504,  Radio Observations of Nova Muscae 2018 and Nova Carinae 2018 (ASASSN-18fv)
  • ATel #11506,  Near-IR Spectroscopy of ASASSN-18fv
  • ATel #11507, NICER discovers millisecond pulsations from the neutron star LMXB IGR J17379-3747
  • ATel #11508. BRITE nanosatellite serendipitously captures oscillatory rise and fall of ASASSN-18fv

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