OTN Ep #003: Why Swift J1756.9-2508?

We share reports on one specific object: Swift J1756.9-2508, an accreting, millisecond X-ray pulsar.  It was discovered in June 2007- suddenly bright, as transient sources can be; the 182 Hz X-ray pulsation was quickly discovered, but a month later, the object faded and disappeared from the sky —  and has been dormant since July 2007. Until just last week, when it suddenly turned on again. Hear about four different observations of SWIFT J1756.9-2508, here.

And then we ask the question: why are we even talking about this?

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In this podcast:

    • ATel #11497New X-ray outburst of accreting millisecond pulsar SWIFT J1756.9-2508 detected by INTEGRAL
    • ATel #11502. NICER Detects Pulsations from Swift J1756.9-2508
    • ATel #11505. Swift/BAT confirms the outburst of Swift J1756.9-2508
    • ATel #11523. INTEGRAL observation of SWIFT J1756.9-2508 in outburst


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