OTN Ep #006: 3C 279 is active

In this podcast, 3C 279 is active. “3C” refers to the “3rd Cambridge Catalogue of Radio Source”, and “279” is this object’s number in that catalog, which was published way back in 1959, when radio astronomical observations were just a toddler. And though we’ve known about this object for decades, it has been observed to get bright, and then fade again — what we call, “an active state”.   This month, 3C 279 has been detected as “active” in three wildly ranging photon energy bands: in the gamma-rays, where it was first detected using the FERMI-LAT observatory, which is a satellite in low-earth orbit; in the Very High Energy range, using the MAGIC telescopes in the Canary Islands;  and in the radio wavelength band, using ALMA on the Atacama Plain, in Chile. With observations like these, astrophysicists are piecing together how high energy particles, magnetic fields, photons, and gravity, all work together, to produce emission bright enough to be seen, half a universe away.

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In this podcast:

  • ATel 11542  Fermi LAT detection of renewed strong GeV activity from the FSRQ 3C 279
  • ATel 11545 MAGIC detection of increased activity from FSRQ 3C 279 at very-high-energy gamma rays
  • ATel 11572  3C 279: ALMA detection of radio flare in total and polarized flux densities.

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Special thanks to Herve Eulacia, Matthieu Guyonnet-Duluc, Seiji Komeno, Razmik Mirzoyan, Roopesh Ojha, and Mona Eltahawy.

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