OTN Ep #009: FRB 180309, MAXI J1535-571, and Nova V392 Per

In this podcast, we answer the question – what happens when what you are looking for, isn’t there?  We share two reports, one which looked for — and didn’t find — repeated radio bursts from a previously observed Fast Radio Burster (FRB).  Another, we share a report of a search for expected radio emission from a black hole candidate: the observers report their non-detection. Then, we re-visit from our previous podcasts, Nova V392 Per.  Observers share a a report of high resolution optical spectroscopy, and estimate the distance to this Nova.

After the show, we invite you to examine the results even further at our website; and join the discussion online at Twitter using #OutThereNow.

In this podcast:

  • ATel 11605 High-resolution optical spectroscopy of Nova V392 Per
  • ATel 11606 Upper limits on radio afterglow emission and previous outbursts for the very bright FRB180309 from observations with the Lovell Telescope
  • ATel 11611 X-ray spectral hardening and radio non-detection of MAXI J1535-571

Special thanks to Mitchell B. Mickaliger, T. D. Russell, T.  Tomov, and Mona Eltahawy.


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