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OTN Ep #011: Fast Radio Burst detected with CHIME and Outburst from NGC 1566

We share report from ATel 11901 of the first Fast Radio Burst detected with a newly commissioned radio observatory, called “CHIME”.  The Fast Radio Burst  is only 2 milliseconds long, and called FRB 180725A after the calendar date of its detection – July 25 2018.  Also, we share a report of Mid-Infrared Observations of the outburst of the Seyfert 1.5 Galaxy Nucleus of NGC 1566 from ATel 11913.

After the show, we invite you to examine the results even further at our website; and join the discussion online at Twitter using #OutThereNow.

In this podcast:

  • ATEL 11901  First detection of fast radio bursts between 400 and 800 MHz by CHIME/FRB
  • ATEL 11913  Chandra observations of GW170817 260 days since merger: first statistically significant evidence for an X-ray decay.

Special thanks to Roc Cutri, Patrick J. Boyle, and Mona Eltahawy.